Omar epps dating sanaa

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Later, she was invited to read a script at a screenwriting program at Sundance.

She choose what we now know as She and her husband improved the piece and when Prince-Bythewood read it, she was approached by New Line Cinema’s president of production, Mike De Luca.

It’s one of those things that happen once in a while.

Not very often does a film speak to different generations across cultural and gender lines.

Back to their old school times: on their way to their first dance of the year, the boys go to a store that gets held up by Stacey, who recognizes the boys and offers them a ride to the dance.

The boys almost get arrested by two cops due to Stacey's broken taillight.

Some years later, their pro careers at a crossroads, they meet again.

As high school ends, they come together as a couple, but within a year, with both of them playing ball at USC, Quincy's relationship with his father takes an ugly turn, and it leads to a break up with Monica.Harper's autobiographical novel is almost out, his girlfriend Robin desires commitment, and he's best man at the wedding of Lance, a pro athlete. See full summary » Darius Lovehall is a young black poet in Chicago who starts dating Nina Moseley, a beautiful and talented photographer.While trying to figure out if they've got a "love thing" or are just ...Roland (Taye Diggs) is getting married (and is currently missing) and Slim (Richard T.Jones), who scoffs at the idea of marriage, is furious at Roland for disappearing.

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