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Users can be invited into the channel that they tried to join originally by a user with op status ( o or an @ sign) in #wikimedia-overflow for non-emergency discussion).

This is an open channel, and may be logged for meetings, though should not be publicly logged.

ss or group communicate better with Google Mail and more. If you are here in error, need help, or have a question, please ping a voiced user in this channel.Welcome to the channel for collaboration and disscusion regarding Wiki Project Arkansas!In reality, it's also used for most Meta-Wiki related maintenance discussions and requests; see also #wikimedia.Some stewards are voiced.[private] Wikimedia oversighters, checkusers and stewards, and users who have the presumptive right to hold these by simple request (e.g. New oversighters, checkusers and stewards may contact Barras, Der Hexer, guillom or Trijnstel for access.https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia: Redaktion_Biologie – RIP Zirpe – Redaktion_Biologie#Chat_der_Lebewesenikis_zum_10._Geburtstag Solltest du in diesen Channel weitergeleitet worden sein, ist dies wahrscheinlich geschehen, da du keinen Zugang zu #wikipedia-de-admins hast.

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