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Here is everything good and great about modern American poetry. Masterfully translated by Clayton Eshleman, Endure is a hallmark of modern Chinese poetry, a hallmark of modern poetry in general.These poems are tight compositions that never fail to open the mind, to give more back to the reader than was expected.Nostalgic, lyrical, gorgeous, tough, with the sometimes tenderness of a bruise, Eluard's work will change you. Olson is the premier writer of prose-poetry in this country.A hybrid form too many have brutalized into triteness, Olson's work never falls into those traps. Illuminating, endlessly readable, Revolution opens the doors on one of the 20th century's greatest artists and thinkers. Without someone like Black Widow bringing this book into print, she would remain known only in Europe.A mod anthology about dating and mating in the swinging '70s, this collection of romantic vignettes drew an impressive guest roster, including Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Sonny and Cher, Ozzie and Harriet, and, an icon of the era, Tiny Tim.In 1972, Ron Howard, Anson Williams and Marion Ross starred in a skit that resulted in a spin-off show, `Happy Days.'...It sings, forces us to question our world anew, and graced by a subtle humor, will make you laugh. Without Breton Dali, Picasso, Bunuel and more may never have existed as we know them. Like the best collaborations between jazz musicians and singers (think Coltrane and Hartman), Submarine, blows mighty and free. This book is a four part cycle built around Katrina and its aftermath.

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On a radio show in the same year, he claimed to have attempted suicide 21 times through overdoses.Made in conjunction with the poet, Harwood's translations are as facile and technically deft as the originals.Culled from a lifetime of publishing, Chanson Dada represents Tzara in all his guises, elements and forms. Until these translations appeared, Neruda had long held the grip on love poetry. Not to be confused with Hallmark card sentimentalism, these poems are love in all its raw totality.Bobby's rare acting opportunities were always eventually thwarted and his pretensions were a regular target for Louie.Although rarely out of work himself in the decades following his two biggest successes, Conaway constantly battled substance and alcohol abuse, and went into rehabilitation more than once.

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