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The University of Alabama junior received a message via Facebook that she’d be perfect for a new set-in-Alabama reality show that was being cast. “They sent me a follow-up message with a phone number saying, ‘Please just call, we’d love to interview for this,’” she says.“So I thought I’d just give it a try.” And that’s how Grissom, a 20-year-old from Memphis with no previous TV experience, became the star of “Sweet Home Alabama.” When it premiered in July, 20 young men were vying for the attention of Grissom.One of the show’s most fascinating characters, Iraq war veteran and aspiring lawyer Beau Mc Kinney of Birmingham, voluntarily bailed out.

“My mom was gung-ho from the beginning,” Grissom says. You’re going to meet so many amazing people, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Dad? “He was completely the opposite,” she says with a laugh.

including: Cassie Rupp, Cody Harris, Collin Varallo, Courtney Wilkerson, Devin Grissom, Kristina Kraus, Landon “Tex” Chase, Michael “Flex” Dean and Tristan Smith.

PICTURES: The Cast Of Southern Nights Jeff, who at one point was considering posing in , admits, "I hook up almost every night with a different girl." According to the show, Jeff considers himself to be New Jersey’s most sought after bachelor.

Of the five left, two of them — Collin Varallo and Tribble Reese — are from Birmingham.

She’ll make her decision on the show’s finale, which airs Sept. “I’ve always enjoyed shows like ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ but it would never have crossed my mind that I would ever be on a show like that,” says Grissom.

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